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Is the first book in the BFF Books Series.

This book displays the unbreakable bond between a son and his loving dad. With beautiful illustrations that promote healthy habits and positive teachings, these concepts are meant to encourage education, trust, communication and most of all love.

With simple messages that have a very profound meaning, this book reminds us that time is the world’s most valuable commodity, and time spent with your children is the greatest treasure.


Wow! what a fun a beautifully illustrated book. I loved how this book shows that it doesn’t cost much to be able to spend quality time with your children. This book gives several examples of fun things kids enjoy doing with their fathers. Great book for first-time fathers.

Garry L, - Dad

This book shows how important a father and son relationship is. The love displayed between both son and father is motivating and makes me want to take my son out to play all our favorite sports together. I recommend this book to all dads looking for activities to do with their sons.

Dan J, - Dad

No doubt this is a book every father should have. With so much technology nowadays, It was nice to see a book encouraging physical excercise and outdoor activities. Being a dad of a young boy, I want to encourage my son to play outdoors and join sports. This book will remain on our nightstand for years to come.

Carlos H, - Dad